Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crabby Tuesday!

I suppose it's emotionally healthy to get all the stuff that bugs you out of your system...so here's my list for the week:

1) The price of gasoline as compared to the record setting profits the oil companies post. Seriously, is there nothing we can do about the racketeering involved here?

2) Bear hair. Let me explain. Bella's (our yellow lab) full name is Isabella. Isabella Heather, if you want to be specific. Tim's mom loves the name Heather, I'm not the biggest fan of it. As a preemptive strike, I used the name for our dog so we just couldn't use it for a baby. Heh heh heh. I's sneaky. Anyway, as Bella has grown up, the texture of her fur has changed everywhere, except her ears. On her ears, her fur is still soft and silky like her puppy fur and she feels like a teddy bear. So over the years, Bella became "Bella Bear" and now usually just "Bear". It is Bear shedding season. I have dog hair on my dog hair here - it's insane. I can't vacuum or dust enough to keep up with it. It's just everywhere! Argh! Darn Bear Hair!

3) Stupid Comcast. We have lived here for a year now, and over the course of that year I think Comcast has had to be out here in excess of a dozen times. Our cable goes out, or the sound goes out or our internet goes out (which means the phone goes out too...) this service is just totally worthless. I am praying that when we move Comcast won't be the provider of fine televised entertainment. I know we could switch to AT&T or Wow, but I had DSL at my old house & hated it and Wow's broadband speeds aren't as fast as Comcast's, which is important to have when Tim works from home. I had a Comcast guy out here again this morning, he was late, he tracked mud in the house, and he didn't fix it. He said he needed a "Level 3 technician" to come at another time. I'm about ready to have a Level 3 Conniption Fit over this. We're not building a better atom, people! It's just TV! *insert swear word of your own choosing here*

4) Slow builders. I was promised a new Whole Foods 2 miles away from this house when we looked at it before we moved in a year ago. WHERE IS IT???? Granted, it is finally a structure with signage but as long as I have to drive to Wheaton to go grocery shopping, I am not a happy camper.

Thank goodness Trader Joe's has a minuscule selection of organics. I picked up a 6 oz. pack of organic blackberries there today and they are fantastic. How many of these is a serving? *nosh* Who cares, they're delicious. Tim would love these. *nosh* Does anyone know how many carbs are in 6 oz. of blackberries? *nosh* I wish these came seedless like that watermelon I bought. *nosh* Oh, I am seriously not going to eat this entire package of berries, am I? *nosh* Yes, yes I am. At least it's only fruit.

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The Mama said...

Better you noshing on organic blueberries than me noshing on my organic popcorn with organic butter.... Fruit is definitely better (but oh how I love popcorn)!

I hear ya on the bear hair too, Maggie is having her yearly blow out and there are massive black fur bunnies all over my house. Good thing she's such a cute dog!