Monday, April 14, 2008

We're casual dating whores

Our contract with our wireless provider has expired. Oddly enough, recently both of our phones died untimely deaths. Could it be that the lifespan of equipment is built so the equipment expires just in time for you to renew your vows to your wireless company?

Luckily for us, we have the insurance on our phones. We're both PDA people. I'm a Treo girl and Tim wields a Pocket PC. Our phones would cost us $600 a piece to replace out of pocket without a new contract discount. We thought the insurance would be a smart move. :)

So we called and asked for help with our phones-turned-bricks and lo and behold, our phones aren't made anymore! We are obsolete, technology has passed us by. The only replacement available to us was...a free upgrade. Woe is me. Ha ha!

So now we eagerly await receipt of our new phones (a 755P for me and Mogul/6800 for Tim) and don't really know what to do about our contract. It seems that for the time being, we can enjoy our really great contract pricing that has gone up since 2 years ago on a month to month basis with brand new phones. We don't have to get married to a wireless company, we can kind of casually date around and go from store to store just to see what's out there. If we find something that seems like a BBD (bigger, better deal) than what we have now, we can walk away from...oh, I won't want to name names so we'll just call our wireless carrier Berizon. If we see something that looks better, we can drop Berizon like a hot potato. It's like being a free agent, or being single again.

So, other wireless carriers, it's time to sex it up a bit and seduce me with an offer I can't refuse. Something along the lines of 1500 minutes family plan for $70 sounds good. Throw in a reasonably priced data plan at lightening fast broadband speeds and I'm ready to enter into a long term relationship with you.

But only for 2 years.

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